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A List 22 Questions To Discuss In An Essay On World History

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  1. Did the Korean War and the interventions of the USA have any impact on other wars that have fought subsequently?
  2. What effect has British rule of Gibraltar had on the economy and tourism in Southern Spain?
  3. If Napoleon had made contingency plans for the harsh Russian, do you think that he would have stayed in Moscow?
  4. What was the world-wide effect that was felt by the Opium War in China? Do you think that much of this could have been avoided by government intervention?
  5. Do you think that Historians will ever agree on the reason for the construction of Stonehenge and then many other 'henge’s' that have been discovered.
  6. How different would the map of the United States of America be if it was not for the 'Louisiana Purchase'.
  7. Explore that influence that Rasputin had on the Romanov’s. If it was not for Rasputin do you think there would have been a different outcome in Russian history?
  8. What defines a site, monument or building as being a world heritage site? Is this definition universal?
  9. There is considerable evidence of Margaret Thatcher's role as Prime Minister of Great Britain but what was her role in World History.
  10. Russia has been considered to be a Communist country, but why did the Communist ideology fail and what replaced it?
  11. Henry VIII of England pressurised for changes in the Church to meet his own requirements and needs. Do you think that the way he accomplished this was fair?
  12. What were the actual reasons for the Holy Wars? Discuss their implications of what was actually achieved?
  13. James Cook discovered Australia 'by mistake'. Discuss how things would be different if he had discovered somewhere else instead.
  14. Tuber Sclerosis had been eradicated in the UK, but over the past few years there have been several cases detected in immigrants, how can this be changed?
  15. In many countries there are plants that are not indigenous (tumble-weed, Japanese knot weed (Victorians) etc.). What has been the effect of these plants on the environment?
  16. How has the discovery of different ways to harness and produce power has an effect on world politics (Oil, wind, nuclear etc.)
  17. What has been the impact of the European Union on trade, migration and tourism. In what way has this changes over the past 50 years?
  18. It was said that the First World War would be the War to end all wars, but that was not the case! Why was not more done to prevent WWII.
  19. What impact did the discover of the use of radiation as a treatment for cancer have on people's attitude to cancer?
  20. How can people be encourage to learn more about world history and its impact on our world today, including society, health and finance.
  21. Discuss the differences and similarities that are found in the bibles or holy books of the worlds main religions.
  22. Why is it important that people are encouraged to learn about their own language and culture.