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Fresh And Captivating Essay Writing Topics To Consider

A topic can easily be ignored as a meek sentence at the beginning of your paper. However, essay topics are the determinant of the reception your work receives among readers. It will also determine the grade you score. The topic also influences the amount of work you do when researching and drafting your paper. The topic will eventually determine your final score.

Here are fresh argumentative essay topics to consider for your college assignments.

  1. Democracy is not an assurance for development
  2. It is time the world shunned minerals and oil from conflict zones
  3. Nuclear development should not be a preserve of a few nations
  4. Education does not deliver expected prosperity to many and should therefore be restructure
  5. Terrorism was invented to justify war in Afghanistan
  6. Robots will never take over from human beings
  7. Technology is exposing people more than it is protecting them
  8. There is no company that is too big to fall
  9. Developed countries do not owe developing countries any help
  10. Sports are more powerful than religion
  11. Celebrities should be role models even in morality

There are conditions that a persuasive essay topic must meet in order to be regarded as strong and compelling. In fact, these are conditions for all topics regardless of the discipline.

  • Fresh- a topic should be new to readers. Try to choose a subject that your readers have never encountered. This will immediately capture attention and compel the reader to peruse through the paper. Look for fresh ideas from recommendations by writers or suggestions from your teacher. Media sources and personal passion will also help you to generate a captivating topic.
  • Unique-in a class of tens of students, it is normal to have students writing on the same idea for their argumentative essay. This makes your paper less appealing to read. It will not excite any teacher to look at your paper since he will have encountered a similar idea elsewhere. Ideas that are similar show that you lack creativity. You should therefore identify a topic that is unique and base your paper on it.
  • Strong-academic work does not entertain weak ideas. You need a very strong topic that will compel a reader to spend time on your paper. A strong English essay is one where you can find materials to support your ideas. These materials must be credible with facts that can be verified. This makes your writing compelling to read. A strong topic is also gauged by its suitability for your grade. If the subject is below your current grade, your topic will be regarded as weak.
  • Relevant- relevance in essay writingcan be viewed from several fronts. A topic is relevant because it addresses challenges that exist in the world of academia today. Researching and discussing issues that are no longer a priority will make your paper mundane. Relevance should also address your area of study. When dealing with a topic on physics, for example, a lot of attention should not be on mathematics. This would cause your paper to lean more on math than physics. Further, view relevance in terms of your grade. Does the paper fit subject for the grade you are pursuing today? Avoid choosing a topic that is beyond your grade because you will find difficulty researching. You should also not go below your grade because it will lack the academic veracity.

It is challenging to choose a good example. You should look for credible essay examples to guide you in choosing a topic. Request your teacher for an example or get a proofread sample from writing services.