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Avoid These Topics When Writing Application Essays 

College application essays, regardless of the age of the applicant, must be creative and convincing. You’re applying alongside hundreds of other applications who have the same or even better test scores and transcripts, and so you must play your cards smart to increase your chances.

You’ve to tell the college admissions officer what makes you a better student by outlining your talents and skills. And here are some essay topics you must avoid if you have to stand out from thousands of other applicants.

  1. I’m the best Student for your school 

College admissions officers are no longer asking you to describe yourself and explain what makes you the perfect candidate for the student position. Telling how you stand out from other candidates could be a big mistake as that can sound robotic or even derivative. Instead of telling them why you’re the best student, you must describe experiences and exposures you’ve had that make you better than other students.

In other words, you must be unique in the way you write you write my essay for college application. Try being unique by outlining your hobbies and skills. You can also talk about your other qualifications and why you need to take such a course in the specific college.

  1. I’m looking to help others 

Explaining how good you’re in certain areas and how ready you’re in helping others is sentimental, but it won’t sell you uniquely to the college admission officer. We’re all looking to impact people’s lives, so when you write how you will help others, you won’t be telling anything new. Other applicants would probably have done the same, meaning you won’t get any grander points over them.

Instead, you can write about your passions and interests related to the kind of course you want to take. Give descriptive explanations on how your course of study would impact other people’s lives.

  1. I’ve learned a lot from my extracurriculars

Adding data about your extracurricular activities can earn you grander points. However, you may not uniquely deliver your message home if you try writing about your schoolwork, passions, and commitments. It would be better to organize your essay so that you outline your unique qualifications and extracurricular activities and how they could impact your communication, leadership, and morality.

  1. My Commitments and Struggling has made me a better student 

College essays are more like telling a personal story. It’s like a narrative of your life, achievements, and transformations. Making your essay more about complaints rather than resolutions can lower your chances of getting admission to the college of your choice. If you’ve to tell challenges and experiences, you must tell about the resolutions you took and how they helped you become a better person.

Also, if you are to explain about your life and struggles you’ve faced, it would be great to tell you more about the way you got out of the messes. Don’t waste a whole 500 words trying to give details of the hardest parts of your life and giving resolutions; rather, use the essay as a channel to tell about your unique traits and abilities.