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How To Improve Your Writing With Examples Of Essays

It is possible that you have sound knowledge of the theory and rules to follow when writing a persuasive essay. But just like reading a description of the Great Wall of China in comparison to seeing it yourself, nothing can replace seeing essay examples written by other students or top professionals. The question is where one can find an excellent essay sample. And how can you determine if these samples can strengthen or improve your writing skills? Here is what you need to know and do.

Reasons to find good essay examples

If you are one of those students who feel essay samples are not necessary, you need to have a change of mind. Persuasive essay topics are quite simple to write. But there is more to writing a perfect essay that you need to know. Here are reasons you need good samples when preparing to write a paper.

The first reason is the knowledge you will acquire from them. You will understand better what the grader or instructor is looking for and how to structure your paper. Secondly, you will be able to compare your work with that of others and discover the area that needs improvement.

Features that make an essay sample great

The quality of the sample matters a lot. So you need to make the right choice given a chance. The question now is what features make a sample great? Here are things to consider before you buy assignment online.

Errors in the paper

A quality sample is supposed to perfect. There should be no visible error or mistakes in it. The reason papers written by professionals are usually error-free is as a result of their method of proofreading. They edit manually and still use paid software to eliminate errors.

Style of writing

The writing style is essential even though you are using samples on argumentative essay topics. One thing that will help improve your writing is the diversity in perspective and voice in those examples. That said find samples from different authors with different racial, economic and ethnic background. You will learn something new from each of them.

Places you can find well-written argumentative essay examples.

Getting a well-written essay sample is a wise thing to do. It will help you improve a lot concerning your writing. Having more than one example is also great. It will give you the privilege to compare different paper. It could be on various essay topics or something similar. But you will learn how to structure your essay and persuade readers to take sides with you.

Here are two places you can find samples

Essays published online

Finding essays written by other students and published online is possible. In fact, most schools post quality samples online to help intended applicants understand the requirements. It is possible also to find examples written by top writers and authors published on different websites.

Essays put together in books.

Many authors work on diverse essay writing topics and bring them together to form a book. They aim to help students have access and manage different samples with ease. They usually have a price tag as oppose to the one online which in most cases is free.


Most students use samples to improve their writing. So it is possible you can do the same thing to improve your writing. But your primary concern should be to get a good sample written by professionals to be sure about the quality. This post is to help you understand the basics of using paper samples. And know that to improve, you have to discipline yourself and take action.