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Composing an APA Structure: Pitfalls Everyone Should Avoid

Even when you have never been asked to write an essay in APA format, just remember that there is a time your teacher will ask you to. It might not just be today. This means you have to get prepared should this happen. However, there are certain pitfalls which if you aren’t careful, may get trapped in them. However, since you really don’t want to waste your time on such things, we have a solution for you. We have simply identified them for you.

Failure to proofread

At times, we take a lot of time to write our papers such that we have no time left to revise them once we are done. Proofreading should be something that no one needs to remind you. You just have to discipline yourself to such a level that you can always remember to do it once you are done writing. At times, it might be so tricky to identify your own mistakes and therefore, you may end up leaving a handful of them untouched. In this case, the best thing to do is to look for a friend to help you do the proofreading. You can look at this essay writing format from samples to be certain that no errors have been left uncorrected. This is your chance to present the most perfect work and get some impressive marks.

Lack of research

This is one of the major pitfalls that students face. There are some people who are so lazy that they cannot take a few minutes to search for information before they start writing. This can put you into problems and despite; you will end up using a lot of time. You really don’t have the time here and hence, you must make sure you do it as first as possible. Research should be something you train yourself to do. Know where to go to when you have a topic with you. Do not start getting confused along the way. There are hundreds of sources you can go to and get the best essay APA citation.


It does not matter how good your work is since once it is know that you have copied any information, everything you had worked for gets lost. There are hundreds of people who are charged with this serious offence. Today, there is no way you can do this since there are apps that can detect the slightest level of copying within the shortest time possible. If you have read work from another writer and really liked it, the best thing to do is to modify everything so that they do not look the same. Always learn to pick lessons when reading essay in APA format examples. Never think of copying from someone else’s work.


There are lots of clichés that are used nowadays by students especially on APA cover page. You just have to learn about them so that you avoid using them the next time you hold your pen and paper. These are things known to everyone around you and therefore this means that you are simply making your audience more bored. If these are in your essays in APA format, simply get rid of them and everything will start going on well. If you decide to do lots of reading, there is no way you will start using clichés since you will be well-enriched with knowledge.