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Outstanding Topics Students Can Use to Write Compare and Contrast Essays

The final draft of a compare and contrast essay should inform and educate the reader on the comparable and contrastable subjects. But before then, the reader should find value in the topic you’re writing on. That’s why you should not start writing before you’re sure the topic in question will benefit the reader. 

When contrasting and comparing different subjects to deliver a fathomable draft to your unique audience, you must understand their understanding level, age, and content consuming ability. Your essay can target college students, high school students, and middle school learners. The topics can talk about fashion, art history, sports, movies, medicine, funny subjects, or even psychology. Here are some punchy topics you can use to write your compare and contrast essay.

  1. The concepts of beauty from the Chinese and American perspective 
  2. How the fashion trends of the 20s compares to those of the 90s 
  3. What’s the differences and similarities between long and short hair 
  4. The differences and similarities between traditional and cultural fashion trends 
  5. How the western dresses compare with the eastern dresses 
  6. Are there similarities between Twitter and Facebook, and what are some of the differences?
  7. The Unique Similar Traits between extroverts and introverts 
  8. How dating online compares to real-life dating?
  9. Differences and similarities between textbooks and eBooks 
  10. How do argumentative essays compare and contrast to persuasive essays?
  11. Comparing and contrasting non-fiction and fiction books 
  12. Comparing and contrasting private and flat houses 
  13. Comparing and contrasting Stalin and Hitler
  14. Comparing and contrasting the impact of Earthquakes and Volcano eruption 
  15. How does Geography compare to Geology? 
  16. The differences between paper books and audiobooks 
  17. Understanding the differences between friendship and love 
  18. What is better, Being Rich or Famous?
  19. Comparison between gold and silver 
  20. Comparing and contrasting the unique traits of spring and autumn seasons 
  21. Understanding the differences between legal and illegal information 
  22. How printed photos compare to Instagram photos 
  23. How real-time communication compares to messaging 
  24. The similarities between flying and swimming 
  25. Comparing two plays by Shakespeare 
  26. Which is better, novels or comics
  27. Would you prefer being a cat or a dog?
  28. Would you choose pigeon post or email?
  29. Would you prefer DIY washing or getting laundry services?
  30. Comparing English and French gardens 
  31. How footballers compare to cricketers
  32. Would you prefer watching baseball or basketball?
  33. The differences between water and beach volleyball
  34. Similarities between snowboarding and sandboarding 
  35. Comparing Barcelona and Real Madrid
  36. Comparing off-road and formula one racing 
  37. Comparing superego and ego 
  38. Comparing Down syndrome and autism 
  39. Comparing democracy and communism 
  40. Comparing purging and bulimia 
  41. Comparing TV commercials and printed ads
  42. Comparing comedy and action movies
  43. How Bollywood compares to Hollywood 
  44. How the south India and Hindi film industries compare 
  45. Comparing musical films from two different eras 
  46. How to Write Best Contrast and Compare Essays 

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